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my roommate and I have teamed up again to go against another one of our roommates. she moved in before winter break and we've been really tolerant of her spoiled nature. she hides stuff from us that is normally shared, steals some of our food, talks our ears off and cries a lot. i've been really nice because i felt bad for being involved in kicking out a roommate for the past two semesters but now i don't care. she sleeps all day which i don't care about but i'm not gonna keep it down 24/7 anymore so today i came back from nova hauling a bunch of my shit through the door and before i could get to my room she came out and told me to keep it i sorta snapped and told her she was too ugly to have that much self-esteem. so she cried and now the other roommate is chilling in my room to avoid the drama. it's the end of the semester i don't ever have to see any of these shit shows after may 11th.
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sounds like a melding of Laguna Beach and pro-wrestling. ugghhhh!!!!